Happy Birthday!


When I was entering kpop world for the first time, I never imagining that my bias will be part of fake-marriage-variety-show or they called it ‘we got married’. I’ve watched this variety show before, when Nichkhun and Victoria joined 2 years ago. But after that, I never pay attention again for this variety show.
But everything changed when I heard that Taemin confirmed join to WGM with someone.
I was studying at class when my friend sent me a text about it. I was surprised and questioned my self “how could it be? What should I do now?” lol. I know, it will be happen someday but.. isn’t it really soon? Huh my baby taem, my ultimate bias, my the one and only boy who stole my heart 4 years ago and didn’t return it again until now will be join in WGM? He would have a wife? A WIFE?!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME LORD AAAAAKH.
My heart was not ready. Really.
I wonder who will be his partner in this variety show. And when I know she is Apink’s Son Naeun. I’m relieved. At least I know she is Naeun, someone who is better than another girlgroup member out of there.
I like Apink. Ah no , I love Apink since their debut days. I like Apink because they aren’t following the trend like other groups these days. I Love Jung Eunji especially. And for Naeun, I just know that she is good girl. She is beautiful and talented. She can dance well. Singing well. Acting Well. And drawing well. She has fair skin, beautiful eyes, propotional body, small waist, and long legs. She is almost perfect. I envy.
So far, I’ve watched this show until episode 12. And now, I really greatful because Taemin joined this program. As an idol, I know that he never have any chance to date with someone. Never have a chance to being cheesy with a girl. Cooking together. Walking in Myeongdong together. Ride bungee jumping together. Watching movie together. Holding hands. And etc. But in this program, he can feel all of it. Thank you WGM PD-nim for choosing him. You’ve made him feel what he should feel (?)
Sometimes I’m confused with people who hate Naeun because this program. She’s a good girl. Even if I wanted to hate her, I don’t have any reasons. I think Naeun is a great person. Taemin and Naeun are cute together. They’re very match. They’re perfect each other. Deep inside from my heart, if they really have a relationship, I’ll blessing them.
Idk what I’m talking about.. I just trying to learn that someday I will let Taemin go and let him live his lives. Let him do what he like. Let him love what he loves. And someday… I will realized that I’m just… a fan. The only thing that I can do is supporting him.
I just trying to accept that someday I will see Taemin find his love for the real. Have a relationship with a girl. Get married. Have children. And be happy. And maybe, when that day comes, I’ve also found my love. Already married and also have children. :”)
When that day comes, I will say thank you for Taemin. Thank you for everything. Thanks for coming into my life. And thanks for being my biggest inspiration.
When that day comes, I will smile for him and say “goodbye and be happy”



Happy Birthday my ultimate Bias Lee Taemin. You gotta be happy.


mwoheheh ige mwoya orz. sorry for my bad english and failed grammar. hanya ingin ikut serta merayakan ultah si baby magnae yang satu ini :”) hiks sudah 4 tahun saya nge-biasin dia huhu gak kerasa.

dan juga sekalian mau ngasih tau, heloo gaiiiiise i’m back! hehe kaiyeon IYW part 13 insyaallah di post hari jumat tanggal 19 ya~ hihi xoxo.


8 responses to “Happy Birthday!

  1. Wah, kakak ngebias Taemin ya? Ga kerasa si bontot SHINee udah ultah ke 20/21 ya *-* jaman dia debut baru 16thn, sekarang sudah beristri /.\ ㅋㅋㅋ
    Aku udah baca IYW dari pertama, kak. Cuma susah bgt buat kirim komen via browser hp >< Mianhaeeee *deepbow*
    KaiYeon hwaiting!

  2. Ye…, Selamat Ultah ya kembar siamnya Kai, eh(?)
    *Horray, Kaiyeon di pos Jum’at, ulala~, Kali ini harus jadian ya Eonni

  3. happy b’day taemin~~ karena sekarang udah beristri panggilannya jadi taeman (?) kkk~
    yuhuuu~~ KaiYeon di post jum’at 😀 Ga sabar nunggunya eon >,< Fighting Eonni ^^9

  4. tanggal 19 sekarang yeeeeaaa !
    itu bhs inggrisnya nyentuh banget kata katanya TT________TT
    apalagi waktu yang ini “And someday… I will realized that I’m just… a fan.”
    TT______TT daebak thorr ^^

  5. yaampun eon aku nangis nih bacanya. Taemin 1st biasku huhuhu. Pertama kali suka kpop langsung ke taemin.
    Bener juga kata2nya, walaupun kadang aku cemburu, tapi apa boleh buat.

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