Ask me and I’ll love you forever

1. Band   : SHINee / BEAST / EXO / APINK / BTOB 🙂 *omg its too much
2. Singer  : G.Na / Ailee / Juniel / BoA / Ra.D
3. Movie   : twilight saga
4. Song  : replay *first song that makes me decide to enter this fandom*
5. Series : reply 1997
6. Tumblr : /heheheh :p
7. Person : everyone who care about me
8. Place to travel : i have no idea except south korea
9. TV-character : idk
10. Model : i dont have
11. Website : priscila’s blog

Have you ever:
1. Had sex : no
2. Self harmed : no
3. Kissed a stranger : no
4. Been drunk : no
5. Smoked : no
6. Had a crush on a teacher : no
7. Had a crush on someone twice your age : wait! 19*2= 38 omg NO!
8. Kissed someone of the same sex : my mother on the cheeks kk~
9. Kissed a celebrity : no but i think touch their cheeks is enough *lirik kim jonghyun*
10. Wished you were on Top Model : no my dream is become novelist lol

This or that:
1. Party night or movie night: movie night
2. Tumblr or facebook: i love tumblr so damn much
3. Sports or fashion: tbh fashion
4. Black or white: both
5. Red or blue: red
6. Milk or water: both
Right now, are you:
1. Happy with your life: hmm.. not yet
2. Unhappy with your life: no saya bersyukur
3. Sad : no
4. Angry at someone: no
6. Tired: little
7. Happy with your body: no ahaha /slap
8. Happy with your face: hmm.. yes but i wish i have yo–ahaha oaky YES!
1. Hottest guy in the world? all of my bias
2. Hottest girl in the world? ME lmao
3. Favorite thing to drink? coffee
4. Your life 10 years from now.. happy, succes, married LMAO
5. When did you lose your virginity? HAHA IGE MWOYA?
6. When did you drink for the first time? drink what?
7. When did you smoke for the first time? maybe next time (?)
8. Do you believe in God? YES
9. What country do you wanna visit? South Korea with my Bubibu next year *amin*


I’m bored.. so i reblogged this. AAA SOMEONE HELP!


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